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and democrats sitting down. the problem with obama care, it was one party, one control, no -- no reaching out to a lot of good bipartisan ideas that were available. the historian is right here, but let me ask you, mr. speaker, name another significant monumental public policy vote in the history of this country passed with not one vote. very few. >> very, very few. >> that's why it has no goodwill today. >> i want to argue this, but i know you have more to say. >> it's an interesting question. i think you would have to go back a long way to find something this narrowly partisan. may i ask this, bill, fairly famous student of public policy, barack obama, said in 2009, it is not sufficient for us to simply add more people to medicare and medicaid, to increase the rolls, to increase coverage in the absent of cost controls and -- another way of putting it is we can't simply put more people into a broken system that doesn't work. in your state, new mexico, you're already 700 doctors short in a report last week. when you expand the medicaid provision, which i think your state is going to do, you ad
on the white house. the top obama officials got an earful from senate democrats during a closed door meeting about the obama care website fiasco. the white house now in damage control mode. republicans saying we told you so. we begin our coverage with dana bash. >> the gentleman from ohio, mr. boehner. >> march 2010. then minority leader john boehner came to the house floor as democrats were poised to pass obama care. he issued this warning. >> look at this bill. ask yourself, do you really believe that if you like the health plan that you have, that you can keep it? no you can't. >> it is just one example of a republican effort before the health care bill became law of the handled to push back on this presidential sales pitch. >> if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan. period. no one will take it away. no matter what. >> that was the summer of 2009 during the least health care legislation battle. so was this weekly gop address. >> on the stump interesting president regularly tells americans that if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. but if y
for yours. she is a democrat. that's a switch. >> well, what my bill does it actually uses president obama's grandfathering language in his bill just removes the exceptions. and so it actually does allow people like mary landrieu then keep that promise. not for not to sign my bill. >> complaining about the web site. we have a funding issue aren't going to buy it. where regetting the money for this? >> basically borrowing from our kids and grand kids. $2.5 trillion. i mean, taxes fees and penalties and other taxes are going to be about a trillion. there is 1.5 trillion-dollar deficit question mark right now. is that coming out of medicare? no this is totally understandable. 30 years ago healthcare law $13 trillion, greta. we can't afford it. >> i truly believe we have got to get medical care to everybody, but i am trying to figure out where the money is coming from. that's my concern about it we will see what happens to your bill. get more democratic support beside mary landrieu. >> i'm optimistic that we can pass this thing and on to promise that president obama made to million of american
of obama care you have seen liberal democrats, his allies saying,en this is what we need to do is move to a single payer system. the president believes this nation needs to have more federal government control over all of our lives. he's trying to limit individual rights and freedoms. they think they know better than we do and they say, the only policies cancelled are policies that aren't good enough for you as if we don't know the policy we need. i think this is clearly where he's headed. it's a strong word in politics the to say somebody lied. that's absolutely what this president has done time and again is lie to the american people. frankly hoping he wouldn't get caught. >> three months of a signing the bill into a law when they made the changes to those who made changes to policies that were supposedly grandfathered in. they knew 67% of those with plans would lose insurance. they never told us. >> right. >> i know people are trying to make excuses, he didn't know. he had to know. it seems to fit his pattern of radical ideology. what do you see? >> clearly they knew we have the doc
that the the carveout. democrats have voted against it every time. >> if you are not going into the regular obama care get subsidy 400% of poverty and staff and go into obama care you get another subsidy and that's going to be that would be equal to your federal healthcare anyway. >> that's right. >> not change the price for the staffers? >> probably not. >> doesn't make any difference? >> kind of carveout that i think is found -- that most americans will find very offensive that congress would pass a law and interpret the law in a way that benefits congress and members of staff. >> even if they get dumped into obama care they still get the deal? >> that's what the obama administration has interpreted under the rules and i think it's just wrong. >> i don't think anybody realizes. i think we have been looking at the story thinking that members of congress, republicans, democrats had to make a decision to put their staff in obama care or not. and if they went into obama care it was obama care like everybody else. subsidy 400% of poverty. i had no idea if they go into obama care they still get a special
chief of staff did, democrats in the senate about obama care because they're going to run away from him. they've got to get re-elected and they will run away from him. it just doesn't start -- >> because once you get past the process which really is how do we get on and apply for this, if it works, shows signs of working, if we hear more stories that it's working than that it's too expensive, that turns it around for him. maybe not to big booming things but i do think there's a large -- >> here's what the president and the democrats have going for them. the same "wall street journal"/nbc news poll, your view of the republican party, 22% have a positive view of the republican party, 53% a negative view. that's also pretty low. >> most of these polls, these numbers for the republican parties are all time historical lows since the polls have been asking the question. the republican party is absolutely in a ditch. they need to figure out a way to get out. a sign of how much of a ditch they're in is mike lee this week, who sort of led the debate, gave a speech trying to moderate his message.
as not only the obama administration and democratic make app coflect tick but healthcare insurance companies are scared there will be some form of delay on the individual mandate because of the result, will be that tear up their business model, as you know, and tear up profits, we're looking at prospect here, if there is a careful reasoning and careful understanding among everyone about a direction to head toward, that we're talking about a second of the economy that is now vulnerable,e, becaue the web site did not work, and obamacare is built on what is a very, very faulty assumption, and presumption because of mandate, that young people will sign up for health care they don't need. these risks are very high. where are the republicans headed now, and what is the course you all will follow? >> we are going to continue to get to the bottom of this you point odd one major issue, the cyber security issue, as you heard, that you know we're concerned about that you know, therure americans who are managing to get on to web site at this point, at some time, they are vulnerable it cyber security iss
? what are the democrat senators, the democrat house members who voted for obama care, what are you going to do about the millions of jobs that have been lost because health insurance premiums have jacked people up so high they can't afford to buy the health insurance? what are you going to do about jason anderson in my district who saw his premium double? what are you going to do about the woman who for 37 years has paid for the family policy, this year again her premium will go up $2,000 a year. and her deductible will triple. she can't afford it. >> for those stories there are a lot of other stories, heart-breaking stories as well where people who had no health insurance now for the first time in their lives they do have health insurance. >> wolf, even the government says when all is said and done and the government takes over health insurance, 30 million americans will still be without health insurance. >> better than 50 million. >> we weren't at 50. >> we were pretty close. >> that's also included illegal aliens. if you ask americans, they don't believe that it's the job of the taxpa
? those are very strong words from you, especially as an obama supporter and democrat. have you conveyed that directly to dr. rice, the national security advisor, or secretary of state john kerry in terms of your concern that there really isn't any sort of coherent strategy? >> well, i was waiting for this hearing to see whether i would hear anything that would indicate to me we had ambassador ford, who is a tremendous public servant, but whose testimony along with the assistant secretary of state in charge of the chemical weapons element and our a.i.d. administrator in terms of humanitarian issues for which there is great work being done in that regard, but the reality is i heard no comprehensive cohesive strategy, so i will shortly after i leave your program, going to be meeting with secretary kerry on iran. i intend to also pursue him on syria, because this is not acceptable. the committee acted in a way that gave the administration back in may the wherewithal to try to help the opposition in syria and also gave them the power that i think got us to this more successful point on chemi
like but are being killed by obama care. even senate democrat mary landrieu appears to be putting a similar bill together. now, back with us to talk about all this, bob, dr. scott and ovki roy. can i just talk about, ovik, i think this was your story. the 93 million uninsured. in other words, let me get this right. for the viewers and myself. the same strictures that app applied, the same mandates that applied to individual are going to apply to the employer financed or backed insurance and they're not going to measure up. people are going to be out of luck in a year. >> it's not necessarily that they're going to be uninsured if this happens. right? their old plans will be canceled and replaced with new plans that might be more expensive, have higher deductibles, narrower networks and all the things we were talking about in the last segment. >> will those new plans come from obama care? will they push into obama care? will they come from private exchanges? will they come from medicaid? >> the bulk of them will be issued by the same types of private insurers who offered the plans b
, you might expect that barack obama's agenda of higher taxes on the rich and expanded government benefits for the needy would have a lot of appeal. not exactly. >> once staunchly democratic, the county gave obama's conservative republican opponent mitt romney 70% have its vote last year. it's been voting for republicans since 1996. they include cleata, a democratic that runs her own charity packing lunches for school kids. she said the hunger here is genuine, made worse by generation of reliance an welfare payments. >> 40-45% have the people don't work with their families. we have a lot of parents on drugs. they get their s.s.i. checks and their food stamps, and they cash it in at the store to buy soda pops. >> she says cutting food stamps would hurt the truly needy, including seen years. >> some people think everybody that draws food stamps are trying to live off the system and they are people that actually in my case actually had to. it's going to hurt them tremendously. >> the u.s. house of representatives voted to cut billions more. among those voting yes, most of the republi
's a group founded by facebook's mark zuker berg. >> house democrats introduced their reform. we'll talk with congressman jeff denham, the first republican to join with democrats as a bill respond sore. >> president obama spoke to a room full of advocates at the white house on thursday in hopes of bringing the senate's im grayings bill back into the -- immigration bill back into the spot light. >> it doesn't make sense to have 11 million people in this country illegally an incentive to come out of the shadows, get right with the law, meet their responsibilities and permit their families then to move ahead. >> the border security you economic opportunity and immigration modernisation act passed in the senate in june 27th. it's in the hands of the house. it features border security, doubling border patrol with a boost in funding and mandatory use of force training. a pathway to citizenship, establishing a 13-year pathway to citizen ship and includes security benchmark before they can get a green card. it increases high tech and low-skilled worker visas, requiring a workplace verification s
obama care is a bad idea. while 47% think it is a bad idea. suggesting that many democrats maybe seeing the republican side of things when it it comes to the aca. take a listen. you will see more democrats coming to the view that we ought to delay this. maybe there will be movements in crackses who are starting to see that who are recognizing that this is hard to defend with the constituents who are seeing the canceled policies and the insurance rate increases. >> is it not so much about defending it to their constituents, but explaining that you had a subpar junk policy that does not meet a mandated requirement of quality care in our country? basically, you were being boon doggeled to pay for something worthless? >> the insurer shifted all of the costs and risks of coverage on to you and you have to pay more and that in the new policy and more comprehensive policy, while your up-front premium may be more, your overall health care costs could lower. at the end of the day if you have a condition or a disease you are going to be paying less for coverage. >> the shame should be on the priv
hope the republicans don't give up on obama care. i hope they keep making fools of themselves. on the other hand, are democrats prepared to focus on health care between now and the midterms and not let this go? i mean, i think this is a turning point. people get quality. americans get fairness. americans get quality. americans get a lower rate. and that is what is happening with obama care. >> well, it's estimated that about 60% of the people that sign up for obama care may be partly medicaid as well as a private plan. 60% will pay $100 or less, and if you're talking about the 18-year-old to 34-year-old, it's estimated that about 50% of them will pay $50 or less. >> how do you -- >> there are some good buys. >> how do you think this will effect campaigns in 2014? >> i think it's going to matter how the website gets fixed and how it goes after january 1st. and so all of us are really encouraging, trying to be helpful in figuring out how to make this work. you know, and that's what we really need from the republicans. >> what's the buzz within the caucus about the way the media
at republicans for opposing obama care. >> if they worked with us like mitt romney did, working with democrats in massachusetts, or like ted kennedy often did with republicans in congress, including on the prescription drug bill, we'd be a lot further along. >> reporter: in a written statement, romney countered obama before the event saying his state's plan should not be grafted on to the entire country. romney called the installation of obama care, quote, a frustrating embarrassment. he did not take kindly to president obama showing up on his turf, kate. >> brianna, thanks so much. the back and forth will no doubt continue. at least for our staff, the website is still experiencing problems. folks on our staff still not able to get on this morning. that is a big problem for the administration. >>> let's move to another controversy. this one for the nsa. in the process, it's alleged that they are snooping on millions of americans. it's something the agency denies, sort of. let's bring in jim sciutto to explain. he's in washington. good morning. >> it's been interesting to hear from the nsa from
't seem to get it together. what makes matters worse democrats keep saying how proud they are of obama care and its website. >> and on the subject of the affordable care act, i just want to say every chance i get how proud we are of it. >> lori siegel is our cnn money technology fcorrespondent. the site was down early this morning and back up now. why do we keep seeing this kind of thing happen? >> i'm definitely happy to report that it is up but i'm coming to you telling you the good news it's finally up but it was an unexpectedousage. we keep hearing more and more about them. i got a statement from cms, they confirm the site is up and running. "verizon terremark has successfully resolved their issue with the networking component overnight. consumers can access the online application and roaenrollment." seeing this technical error sign has gotten all too real for all of us. people are frustrated but what happened in this scenario was that there was a partial outage at verizon's data center. verizon runs part of the technology behind healthcare.dwof so that in turn made the website go
. >> joining me now is democratic senator bob casey of california. we saw eric cantor suggesting that president obama knows the enrollment numbers that exist to date and obama alluded to it yesterday when he said that more people were buying new plans online than a couple of weeks ago. the president has enrollment data that the president continues to hide. two republicans are set to endorse a bill to force the secretary to release weekly reports about what's happening on the website. so do you think, do you feel the administration knows a whole lot more than it's letting on? >> we'll see when the administration reports those numbers. that's an interesting development. you've got washington, d.c. republicans who are trying to introduce health care legislation upon. that's big news because they haven't done it for -- for almost a generation. the problem we have right now with this town is that you've got some folks here trying to fix the legislation and trying to make sure that this bill gets implemented and that's the administration's responsibility, but you've got a whole other group of people
't be political footballs for republicans and shouldn't be ignored by democrats. we need to fix obama care, upgrade obama care but right now everybody is scoring political points and nothing is getting done. >> i think van does as good a job as anyone can of depending the indefensible. this is a simple question, the president of the united states on thousands of occasions said you will not lose your insurance, you will not lose your doctor, you will not lose your hospital. now it's either true or it's not true. and you can obviously use big words but the fact is the president of the united states knowingly, i mean, if he had gone to the country and said look, about 16 million of you will lose insurance but, you know, it for the better good of the country, he might not have gotten reelected so he chose a path profoundly wrong and now they are caught up -- >> there were losers under the last system and democrats stood up and those people cannot be discriminated against because of prekpaising conditions and women. if there are losers under this new system and there appear to be some, democrat
but they have been told by the president and democrats thanks to obama care they can't. >> it's a list private market. >> it isn't. the capitalist private market is controlled by laws including obama care which imposed regulations with which they must now comply. >> you can't sell the policy if nobody will buy it because it's lousy. >> 15 million people bought it! they were told they could keep it and now they can't. i have to go, period. thank you, sir. >> i tried. it's so much better when you can have an exchange on the actual issues. listen. send me a tweet and let me know what you think. in the middle of the difficulties people are having with the websites we decided to check in with the obama care navigators who are supposed to help people through the process of applying for health insurance plans under the new system they are supposed to love so much. trace gallagher is live in the west coast newsroom. >> we know the federal health care website is a mess. a lot of the state websites are down. if you go to health and put in your city or state they will give you a list of the navi
't be political footballs for the republicans and they shouldn't be ignored by democrats. we need to fix obama care and upgrade. right now everybody is scoring political points and nothing is getting done. >> van does as good of a job of defending the indefensible. the president of the united states on thousands of occasions said you will not lose your experience and will not lose your doctor and will not lose your hospital. it's either true or not true. you can use big words, but the fact is the president of the united states knowingly, if he had said about 16 million of you will lose your experience, but it's for the better good, he may not have gotten elected. they chose a path that is wrong. >> they were losers under the last system and they cannot be discriminated against because they are women. if they are losers urn the system and appear to be some, democrats should be stepping forwar forward. >> speaker, good to have you on. up next, an audience with a pope. a little boy stole the show. it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspecti
, i think we are headed in that direction. mr. obama's seems to want to make the democrats volker approved by nominating someone who is inclined to print a lot of cash. melissa: i would say at the same time keynesian is would listen to this conversation that having an laugh and say, there is no evidence of inflation. it is not coming. you're trying to scare people. is there any way in that argument? >> i do not believe that there is. right now the economy has a lot of excess capacity. if the economy gets going all this money floating around will start to push up prices. people will be more confident, spend more of their stock-market gains, then watch out. at that point once you let the horse out of the barn you find out that he is a thoroughbred stallion and you cannot catch him. melissa: peter just said that we are okay as long as the economy does not recover. that makes me feel better. >> also, the reason to worry, this is where people worry about bernanke. bernanke i think things what he thinks milton friedman would do, a crisis, bad economy, more of a traditional keynesian cam
. and i think it's up to people within the republican party as well as democrats, as well as president obama to counter that notion. that the whole point of this country is, is its welcoming nature. controversial, yes, with conflict, yes. every group that's here wishes that the one after them wouldn't follow, but that's been going on for hundreds of years. and people have to stand up and say no, you do not, you, to the tea party, just because you're waving the don't tread on me flag, just because you're acclaiming a sort of exclusive control over an understanding of the roots of the country, that's not the case. that's not the case. this is a very -- >> i like the flag because it refers to other countries treading on us. it's a total misuse of the flag. >> it's up to others in the political arena to challenge them on that and to counter that very arrogance that you're talking about. >> you know, the history of america is about fighting over the definition of america. you can go back to 1800 when jefferson and adams were at each other's throats fighting over what type of country this wo
with president obama and ultimately liberalism which creates this destructive law. it's not about firing sebelius, it's about firing the left. at one point this democratic congressman from pennsylvania said that being against obama care at the start disqualifies you from criticizing this disastrous rollout. on the contrary, it just proves that everybody who was critical was right. >> everybody on the left pack your bags. >> they're the only people creating laws that don't work. >> we've got to leave it there. >>> has he been lying about his signature law from the get-go? a prominent paper gave him four pinnochios. what else has the president misled the public about? we've got a list. we want to know about your experience about logging on to so go there and then log on to our facebook page and tell us about your experience. we'll read some of those comments later in the show. [ buzzer ] hot dog? i'm buying. i'll use my capital one venture card with double miles you can actually use to fly any airline anytime. ♪ what are you doing? i'm saving one for later. my body keeps it warm.
devastating thing for the obama white house is that they are losing credibility among democrats and they are doing that because they are incompetent. not because they are wrong. there are a lot of democrats willing to go along with that. willing to get behind him. he won two presidential elections in a decisive manner. but they have roven that they do not know how to run a competent policy process and proving now that they can't run a political process behind their policy initiatives. >> the thing about obama through five years is interesting no matter what was going wrong with his policies, his personal ratings, he still got the pass. this is the first time, this is a seminal moment in his presidency that his personal numbers are upside down disapproving. proving where do you go with him? >> i still think there is a peril here for republicans in trying to hit the president too hard. this was a lesson that at that lot of republicans feel they failed to learn in 2012 where the people driving the party's message disliked the president more than the american public itself and they
for the needy should have higher appeal. >> president obama gave mitt romney more than 70% of its vote last year. it's been voting for republicans since 1996. >> this is how we set up the store. >> they include a democrat who runs her own charity that packs free lunches for hundreds of local schoolkids. she says the hunger is genuine but is worse because of reliance on welfare payments. >> 40-45" of people don't work with families. a lot of parents are on drugs. they get ssr checks and foodstamps and cash it in at the store for buying soda pops. >> but she says cutting food stamps hurts the truly needy, including seniors. >> some people think everyone that draws foodstamps are trying to live off the system, and they are not thinking about people, in my case, that had to. it will hurt them tremendously. >> the u.s. house of representatives voted to cut billions from foodstamp services over the next few years. among those voting yes, the republicans and these countie. >> john terrett is here - there was a lot more to the story than just food stamps. >> i think there is very little doubt low income
be years. it was not just president obama. no, no. a number of top democrats as well as guilty of parodying the president's talking points and pledged including senate majority leader harry reid, senator dick durbin, senate budget committee chair, hard work right now on a budget, and house minority leader nancy pelosi. house minority whip thomas to any lawyer. and four years later, democrats seemed to distance themselves far enough from obamacare. well, we will call it a bomb scare. halloween. why not. senate democrats are calling for an extension of obamacare is open to the enrollment for a delay in the individual mandate. you can keep their current health care plan. according to forbes magazine as far back as 2010 federal officials estimated 93 million americans would lose their health plans under obamacare. to the credit of each of those senators who once went along with the allied, mr. pritchett -- misrepresentation, misstatement, are adjusting to new facts that were denied them by the very white house they were supporting incredibly you can add obamacare to those of scandals in the sea
cases distort the issues. look at the latest headline in today's los angeles times. quote, another obama care horror story debunked. a democrat from washington and an m.i.t. professor in economics. he also served as an adviser to the white house and to congress on the president's health care plan. congresswoman, i want to start with you. i think somebody from mars would watch the congress these days and say what are those people so angry about? fighting like mad from the republican side with all this anguish and frightening anger. and i get the feeling it's not about whether the program is working or not. what they are angry about the democrats and angry about the president and angry about this health care program is they don't like the effort. they're angry that anybody tried to make sure that the 50 million people sitting as working people in the emergency room looking for some health care are being taken care of or being thought after. they don't like that effort. and that's why they're really angry. not that there are glitches. they don't like trying to do something for these people
the affordable care act was, "but for us democrats, obama care is a bad drama because no matter who you are, what stage of life you're in, this law is a good thing. first, if you already have insurance you like, you can keep it." i'd call this a red herring that misled voters intentional or not. now perhaps had you known that millions would lose their coverage, families would face financial disaster as one constituent recently told me. or that exchange rollout would be plagued by multiple delays we've seen. you would not consider it such a badge of honor. the fact is your words and those of the president as he came pained last year that if -- campaigned last year that if you already have insurance you have you can keep it seemed to be refuted by the millions of cancellation notices already sent to americans just in the past few weeks. whether your statement was inaccurate or as mr. hoyer said yesterday, not precise enough, it does strike me that millions of individuals who by listening to speeches like yours voted believing one thing now find themselves without coverage and are now scrambling to
about mel watt's nomination. democratic representative from north carolina, obama figured capitol hill. how much support did it have on the president made the nomination and going into today's procedural vote? >> guest: well, there was a lot of support locally for congressman watt who will now be in the house. i believe for the foreseeable future, he has support back home, certainly support on the left. but richard burr, the north carolina republican senator also backed the nomination of his home state colleague. but there was considerable concern among many republicans that he did not have the requisite qualifications in their view for the job. that was despite the fact that mr. watt has served much of his career in the house on the financial services committee where he is one of the senior democrats on that panel. post to your blog up store data story at biden opened to filibuster changes after blocked nomination. what is possible here? senate majority leader, harry reid's, options? >> guest: in the immediate term, senator reid told myself in a couple of other reporters
, senators from both parties pressed the u.s. ambassador to syria, robert ford, to defend president obama's handling of the situation. new jersey democrat robert menendez chairs the foreign relations committee. >> this is a pretty bad hand that the region as well as all of us who care about it have been dealt. but in the midst of that, there has to be some effort of a strategy to get us to where we need to be. >> senator, it's a two-track strategy. it's a two-track strategy: first, keep pushing to get the two sides to the table. but we understand that the assad regime is a very tough, brutal regime. so, push for negotiations, but help the moderate opposition be in a position itself to press for concessions from the regime when it gets there. >> reporter: but republicans, including bob corker of tennessee, insisted the administration has failed to deliver on its promises to the rebels. >> do you feel good about what >> senator, there isn't a person on my team at the state department who doesn't feel frustrated, frustrated by the syrian problem in general. but i have to say we do provide su
the media. i'd also mention folks on capitol hill, including democrats, who are very nervous. they were just meeting with the obama white house today going over what they are very worried about regarding this website. but they do have some time. they don't have a whole lot of time, but they do have some time. the white house has circled that november 30th date on its calendar. i think the entire political world, journalists, politicians, everyone else is going to be able to see if they make that time, if they make it by november 30th, there's not going to be a big problem. if all of the sudden there are problems that come along after november 30th, then i do think that we end up getting to a situation where this becomes a much bigger political problem. >> one of the biggest, most interesting numbers out of the poll for me was that 50% think that we are likely to have another shutdown. i think that number needs a lot of unpacking. who are these folks? are they folks from the far right who want another shutdown, folks from the left who are afraid of another shutdown? are they folks saying they
than a cup of coffee at starbucks. president obama's agenda of higher taxes on the rich and extended benefits for the needy would have a lot of appeal. once staunchly democratic, they gave mitt romney 70% of its vote last year. it has been voting for republicans since 1996. they include freida turner, a democrat who runs her own chart. and packs free lunches for hundreds of local school kids. she said the hunger here is genuine, but it's made worse by generations of reliance on welfare payments >> i'm talking about 45% of the people that don't work with their families. we have a lot of parents on drugs. they get their ssi payments, and food stamps, and cash it in at the store. >> but cutting the food starches would hurt the truly needy, including seniors. >> some people think that everybody that draws food stamps are trying to live off the system, and they don't think about people like in my case that have to. >> the u.s. house of representatives has voted to cut billions in food stamps. and among those voting yes, most of america's congressmen who represent the hungriest. >> we'll b
why chief of staff was on the senate floor today trying to calm democrats. they'll have to defend the law in 2014. >> ed henry from the white house. thanks for that. >>> as with many thing, the more you know about obama care the better off you are. tonight chief national correspondent jim angle with the way around the mandates at least for a while. >> the loophole will allow millions to stay out of the plan most the first year if they choose to do so. >> if you start or renew coverage before the end of the year, you can have another 12 months of coverage without the extra costly obama care addons to your insurance plan. >> that's it. then they have to move to obama care and their old plan will go away. it's a 11 month retreat. >> after that people can keep plans that are grandfathered with few changes since 2010 and those that dwindle by next year spite of the president's assurances. >> you could decide not to get in the exchange the better plan. i could keep my insurance just a high deductible plan. >> in the meantime, 15 million in the individual market can avoid the more expens
mouth ready. >> i'll join you. >> talk to you in a few. president obama making another fundraising stop here in the bay area. here are the details. this one is a quick fundraising lunch for the democratic party on monday, november 25th. the event will be at an fran's jazz center. tickets from $1,000 to $15,000, his lasts have was in june for fund-raisers. >> newly appointed janet napolitano wants to help students here illegally. she made the announcement while speaking last night. the former homeland security secretary said she is devoting $5 million to provide special counseling and financial aid for uc students living in the u.s. illegally. the university officials estimate 900 of the 239,000 students enrolled in the system were brought in illegally as children. earlier she was greeted by protesters upset with her stance on immigration while she served as homeland security secretary. >>> 4:48 now. christina loren to talk about our halloween forecast. >> a real treat. that's the word i would use even if it wasn't halloween. you know. not that creative sometimes. 4:48. you know what, it
that president obama honors that promise to millions of americans. so i'm hoping my democratic colleagues will join us in at least passing this measure, the if you like your health plan, you can keep it act. >> there was a sense in the house under chairman upton, i'm wondering besides senator manchin, would there be anybody else ameanable on the democratic side to go along with you? >> i know senator landrieu was talking about dropping her own bill to do just that, too. so we'll be in discussions. let's face it, i think democrats in the senate have a real opportunity to make sure that president obama honors that promise. i'm hoping they'll take that opportunity. we have to do it fast before all these plans just go away forever. >> that's what's happening. it's a fast-moving situation now that it's actually here. can you imagine if the web site was actually running? i want to bring you to some other story that broke last night. the insurance companies are being intimidated by the white house to keep their mouths shut and not complain, along with trade organizations. so the initial reports
. in a place like this you might expect that barack obama's agenda would have a lot of appeal. not exactly. once staunchly democratic they gave their republican owe bone t mitt romney 70% of their vote last year. they have been voting for republicans since 1976. they include frida. she says the hunger here is genuine but it's been made worse from generations of reliance on the welfare. >> i am talking about 45% that don't work with their families. >> we have a lot of parents that are ofte on drugs and though get their ssi and food stamps and cash them in at the store buying soda pops. >> she says cutting food stamps will help the needy and including seniors. some people think they are trying to live off the system. it's going to hurt them tremendously. >> the u.s. house of representatives has voted to cut billions from food stamp services over the next few years. of those voting yes are most of the republican congressmen who represent america's hungriest counties. >> for a broader look there is more to this story than just food stamps. you know tom, tony i this there is no doubt that low i
is not saying it is president obama's legacy. this would make people turn away from the american liberalism because it proves big government doesn't work. is he overstating it? >> i don't think he is in the sense of health care. democrats are trying to get health care since harry trumman called for it 70 years ago. so, if it does self destruct, there is no doubt it will set back a key liberal cause i am sure for a decade but it will impact. on the other hand, it works the opposite way, too if it works, the republicans will be on the wrong side of history like they were on medicare and other programs that they opposed and became so popular that the american people would not let it go. >> and the issue here, matt take it any direction you choose, all of the democrats voted for it. none of the republicans did. and so who were the forces that unite on the right? or right of center or a round the conservative side in opposition? or perhaps in stronger doubt than before based on what they watched in the past several weeks? >> that's right, bill. we have had a conversation as a party and nation ar
are meeting with senate democrats this afternoon. president obama continues defending his promise that americans can't keep their insurance. stuart: if you are getting one of these letters just shop around in the new marketplace. that is what it is for. because of the tax credit we are offering in the competition between insurers most people are going to be able to get better comprehensive health care plans for the same price or cheaper than projected. you are going to get a better deal. >> the law does discourage cheaper bare bones plant and create new minimum insurance standard leading to the cancellation of many of those plans. back to you. cheryl: thank you. adam: federal aviation administration announced today that airline passengers will soon be able to use electronic devices, things like thereaders and games throughout the flight. before the new rule can take effect the airlines have to demonstrate that their aircraft won't be at risk because of potential interference from the portable electronic device. voice calls connecting to the internet are still prohibited and our ex
hearing today about affordable care act. president obama by passed congress to speak directly to the american people at nathaniel hall in boston today. >> this is the hall where seven years ago, democrats and republicans, came together. to make health reforeign minister a reality for the people in massachusetts. it's where then-governor, mitt romney, democratic legislators, senator ted kennedy -- many of the folks who are here today, joined forces to connect the progressive vision of health care for all with some ideas about markets and competition that had long been championed by conservatives. enrollment was extremely slow. within a month. only about 100 people had signed up. 100. but then 2,000 had signed up. and then -- a few more thousand after that. by the end of the year, 36,000 people had signed up. all the parade of horribles. the worst predictions about health care reform in massachusetts never came true. they're the same arguments that you are hearing now. businesses didn't stop covering workers. the share of employers who offered insurance increased. people didn't
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